Dianne Hutley – International Women’s Day 2024

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re exploring what this year’s theme #inspireinclusion means to one of our most inspiring people, Dianne, a Drill & Blast Supervisor in Queensland.

Dianne started her journey with us as a HSEQ Advisor in 2022, before being invited by the Queensland Senior Operations Manager to start training as a Drill Supervisor in 2023. Though it was out of her comfort zone, she took on the challenge and thrived. Currently, she’s undergoing training as a Drill Rig Operator, “I’m pretty excited because it will provide more context and confidence in the course of my day-to-day duties.”

For Dianne, there’s no reason for a workplace to not be inclusive. “Drilling was traditionally a very male dominated domain and it’s great to see more women getting into this and similar fields. And there is no reason why women can’t do this job,” she comments.

She also feels lucky to have a supportive team, “I do know that Action Drill and Blast does not tolerate harassment in any form and is seriously committed to a successfully diverse workforce. I also know that I am 100% supported by Jeff Sleep (General Manager), Scott McConnell (Senior Operation Manager East), Tom Stephens (HR Manager – Acting) and my Project Managers, and if I ever had a serious issue, I could call on any of them.”

As for the future of inclusivity, she asks the next generation of women entering her role, to be prepared to be honest with themselves and with others, “integrity is the most important trait of all.” And to succeed, seek out connection with their peers, “find someone you can trust… and make them your mentor. Say yes to any opportunity that comes your way… you never know who you might meet that will have a big impact on your future self and open new gateways!”