“Action Drill & Blast are a highly specialised operator with specialised skills. They are very good to work with and have strong team ethics. They put a lot of effort into managing the health and safety of their operation. They deliver well on safety and this positively affects the future relationship the clients. The have strong morals and ethics in the way they operate. I have known the senior managers for a long time. They are very approachable and always assist to solve problems.”

“Action Drill & Blast’s most important qualities include their level of expertise, professionalism and being able to quickly put together the documentation required. ADB know all the standards – not all drilling and blasting companies have the systems in place or the relationships. Relationship building skills with the client were integral to the success of this project. The client was over the moon about how well the job went. ADB are easy to work with; whatever you ask for you can get really easily. Good responsive people. There is no ego and they work very collaboratively.”

“We are extremely reliant on Action Drill & Blast for the drilling and blasting component. Their experience is critical, for example in Solomon there was a lot of difficult contour work which makes the blasting more challenging. They are great to work with, easy to talk to and management plans very well. They manage people well and retain experienced personnel.”

“Action Drill and Blast won this project because of their expertise in the design of blast plans and their experience in civil blasting and in particular blasting close to railway lines. This was particularly important as without careful preparation there is the potential to do a lot of damage but Action Drill & Blast are very controlled in way they blast.”

“Action worked hard to develop a really strong understanding of our requirements. The success of the project was down to the excellent support from the Perth based personnel. Given that it was a new relationship the Perth support was a strong factor. They delivered all the scope requirements; working with Action Drill & Blast was one of our success stories.”