Why excellence is critical if we are to achieve cost efficiencies

The proof is in the results!

In order to successfully adapt and evolve in today’s challenging market, companies in the mining sector need to focus on their performance and efficiencies.

The current resources market is tough. The positive of this is that it pushes companies to challenge every facet of the business. It means sharpening the way we work and ensuring we deliver nothing short of excellence in this highly competitive market.

At Action Drill & Blast, we have always risen to challenges. To deliver the highest level of work, we have launched an internal program that is focused on excellence. We call this Action Excellence – a program that challenges every person at ADB to find better ways of doing things. It drives us to constantly challenge how we deliver all jobs and in turn, delivers commercial advantages to our clients in terms of time, quality and cost.

What does Action Excellence look like? 

A total, integrated solution

ADB offers a total, integrated solution across drilling, blasting, explosive supply and management. Our best-for-project and partnership-focused approach means we tailor our services and work closely with our clients to deliver optimum results, safely and efficiently.

At the forefront of technical advances

Drill and blast has come a long way in recent years driven by an industry-wide need to improve safety and efficiency. Our culture of innovation means we have embraced technical advances where we know they deliver value.

With enhanced software, advanced drill equipment, innovative explosives and superior detonation techniques we’re now able to achieve highly precise blasts, reducing dilution and delivering higher quality ore – more safely and efficiently.

Initiatives such as GPS-capable drills, electronic detonation techniques and highly customised explosives can have a significant impact on reducing costs and improving productivity.

Action Excellence means that not only will we continue to be committed to innovation but what we do, we will do well.

Experience, expertise and a partnership approach

We have completed more than 50 contracts in five years and our track record of value delivery has led to a number of long term partnerships.

We employ more than 200 experienced and skilled personnel across our operations and our fleet is not only one of the largest in the country but includes the latest technology drill rigs and built-for-purpose ancillary equipment. Our personnel are specialists in their field and maintain our services and equipment to the highest standard.

Responsive, efficient, results.

It is in the delivery. We understand that mining is inherently uncertain and that we must be agile and responsive to roadblocks and challenges when they arise. That’s where we stand out.

We combine our experience, equipment and culture to respond quickly. Backed by Action Excellence, we strive to deliver our work at the very highest standards.

We know that the small things count and attention to detail contributes to a better bottom line for our clients.

Let us know what you think. Your feedback is important to us.

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