New contract at Isaac Plains coal mine

Delivering a unique service offering In February, Action Drill & Blast was pleased to announce that it had reached in principle agreement with Golding Contractors for the provision of drill and blast services at Stanmore Coal’s Isaac Plains coal mine in Queensland. The contract for the works has subsequently been executed. Our service model in operation […]

Detonators: Best for Project Practices in Drill and Blast

As the mining industry becomes increasingly lean, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is becoming increasingly obsolete. A commitment to continuous improvement – finding ways to do things better, faster and more cost effectively – is how asset owners and contractors are ensuring their ongoing success. In drill and blast, developments in detonation systems have […]

How an Integrated Drill & Blast Service Can Reduce Project Costs

Many mining projects engage a blast hole drilling contractor and a blasting supplier.  Despite these work activities appearing to be separable they are unavoidably dependent on one another. The blast design dictates the drilling requirements, which means an inefficient blast design can increase drilling costs.  Poor drilling quality and accuracy can negatively impact a blasting […]