Productive Time = Money Saved

Maximising your drill and blast productivity is easy. Good contractors do it well by understanding and implementing the following:

  1. Best practice safety – safety and productivity go hand in hand. Safety incidents can have a significant effect on operations. Ensuring safety standards adhere to best practice should be priority. Safe people are productive people.
  2. Scheduled maintenance plan – breakdowns are unpredictable and often happen at the worst possible time making them very costly. By maintaining your equipment on a scheduled basis you reduce the risk of unexpected downtime affecting production.  Less downtime means more work time.
  3. Holding critical spares – a suitable stock of critical spares reduces downtime by ensuring parts are available when they are needed. Even high cost items such as engines, gearboxes and rotary heads should be close at hand.  Time waiting for parts is  wasted time.
  4. Appropriate maintenance personnel – experienced, passionate, innovative, solutions-focussed personnel are critical to reduce downtime. You can’t fix it if you don’t know what the problem is.  Greater experience equals less down time.
  5. Experienced operators – experienced operators reduce the risk of errors and damage to equipment thereby reducing maintenance and repairs. Experienced operators can mentor and train less experienced personnel.  This is invaluable as it transfers knowledge and creates a sense of pride, ensuring quality work is carried out efficiently.  Errors waste time and money.
  6. Smart scheduling – understanding the priorities of the project, not just your own, allows better planning for optimised use of personnel and equipment. If you plan the work, you work the plan.
  7. Pre-shift preparation – all crew members must be prepared with the resources they require to commence work immediately following the pre-shift meeting. Make sure your people know what is expected of them and have the tools required available to them. Good planning prevents wasting time.
  8. Effective communication – clear communication at the PSI or shift handover meeting is essential to reducing downtime. By knowing what is waiting for them they can hit the ground running. Strong leaders create strong teams.


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