New contract at Isaac Plains coal mine

Delivering a unique service offering

In February, Action Drill & Blast was pleased to announce that it had reached in principle agreement with Golding Contractors for the provision of drill and blast services at Stanmore Coal’s Isaac Plains coal mine in Queensland. The contract for the works has subsequently been executed.

Our service model in operation at Isaac Plains is unique in the coal sector. The common model is to commission separate drillers and blasters whose costs are based on metres drilled or quantity of explosives used, resulting in little incentive to reduce project costs for the client.

In contract, the innovative approach at Isaac Plains is based on the provision of an end-to-end drill and blast offering based on a fixed price per bulk cubic metre (bcm) blasted. ADB’s focus is to reduce drill metres and reduce explosives used while at the same time meeting strict KPIs on quality.

How can we offer this?

  • We are integrated: we are the only contractor to provide an end-to-end drill and blast service
  • We are independent: we are not affiliated with any explosive manufacturers, giving us the freedom to select the best product for the job
  • Our mandate is best-for-project: We take a highly tailored approach to our projects by selecting the most suitable explosives for the ground conditions, utilising technology such as electronic detonators where we know they can deliver value, and devising the blast design to get the most useful work out of the explosives and drill fewer, better quality holes.

This capability results in reduced costs to us which we can then pass on to our clients.

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