It’s time to focus

The current climate is an opportunity for mining service providers to rise to the challenge

The face of the mining industry has changed. We have moved swiftly from discussions about expansion activities and volumes of production to discussions about costs. Mining companies are focused on being the lowest cost producers in their respective markets.

For the more agile mining contractor – that is, those who are willing to promote the concept of ‘best-for-project’ – this current climate presents a great opportunity to demonstrate the value service providers can bring to mining projects and the cost reductions they can achieve to make clients’ projects as profitable as possible.

Striving for excellence

Now more than ever contractors need to demonstrate excellence.

Excellence calls for a long term commitment, passion and a willingness to challenge current norms and approaches to costs. It involves understanding current benchmarks in performance and setting stretch targets to improve beyond the benchmark.

Innovation is key

A company that promotes innovative thinking is a company that will drive change. Innovation is not just about the latest in technology or having the newest equipment; it’s about capturing the learnings from every person on every project and sharing that knowledge across their operations. Cultivating a culture of innovation requires open communication, reward for ideas and simple recognition of input. People who embrace innovation will continuously drive cost efficiencies.

Be bold

Service providers must become bold. Not only do they need to make data work harder by utilising the latest innovative technology or automation, they need to creatively explore and challenge themselves in operational performance – across quality, outputs and safety standards – if they are to thrive.

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“It’s time for us to accept the mining industry today for what it is. We need to work on the basis that the conditions today are also what we need to plan for going forward. We cannot wake up each day expecting to read the news that the ‘new mining boom’ has arrived. If we continually challenge ourselves, continually strive for excellence and drive innovation at all levels then we will continue to demonstrate the value that contractors can bring to mining projects”.


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