Creating a world-class safety system

Action Drill & Blast’s industry-leading safety system, ActionSAFE, is the product of five years of ongoing development to create a program which would lead the industry in professionalism and safety. ActionSAFE exceeds Australian industry benchmarks for safety and to date, has achieved more than 1600 continuous LTI-free days across ADB’s operations. Here, our HSEQ Manager, […]

ActionSAFE Delivers Safety Milestone

At Action Drill & Blast, we pride ourselves on our excellent safety culture and efficient systems. Our ActionSAFE safety program is a complete safety system which goes above and beyond the Australian Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and has international and Australian accreditation. We know that when our leading safety activities are […]

How an Integrated Drill & Blast Service Can Reduce Project Costs

Many mining projects engage a blast hole drilling contractor and a blasting supplier.  Despite these work activities appearing to be separable they are unavoidably dependent on one another. The blast design dictates the drilling requirements, which means an inefficient blast design can increase drilling costs.  Poor drilling quality and accuracy can negatively impact a blasting […]

Why excellence is critical if we are to achieve cost efficiencies

The proof is in the results! In order to successfully adapt and evolve in today’s challenging market, companies in the mining sector need to focus on their performance and efficiencies. The current resources market is tough. The positive of this is that it pushes companies to challenge every facet of the business. It means sharpening […]

Increasing production with the same level of resources at Middlemount

ADB Middlemount passes milestone of 1500 LTI-free days Is your project achieving the results you expect? Is it really performing at its optimum? Since commencing onsite at Middlemount in 2011 we have been responsible for all production drilling and blasting activities, supply of raw materials, explosives, equipment, labour, and associated maintenance, technical and HSET services. Utilising […]

How Technical Advances in Drill & Blast are Improving Efficiency and Safety

Drill and blast has come a long way in recent years driven by an industry-wide need to improve safety and efficiency. With enhanced software, advanced drill equipment, innovative explosives and superior detonation techniques we’re now able to achieve highly precise blasts, reducing dilution and delivering higher quality ore – and more safely. Enhanced software Advanced […]

2014 SITI Leadership Excellence Award

Congratulations to Pam Davidson, recipient of the Action Drill & Blast, 2014 SITI Leadership Excellence Award. To recognise outstanding, consistently strong leadership whilst demonstrating our core values the SITI Leadership Excellence Award is a peer nominated award. This year 51 nominees voted for their peers who demonstrated strong leadership in line with Action Drill & […]

1,000 Days LTI Free

On 20 December 2014, Action Drill & Blast attained the milestone of 1,000 days Lost Time Injury Free. Our best practice safety system, ActionSAFE, goes above and beyond the industry benchmark to achieve superior safety performance and enhanced productivity. On 20 December 2014 Action Drill & Blast achieved 1,000 Lost Time Injury (LTI) free and […]