Integrated, end to end drilling and blasting services.

With one of the largest, modern drill fleets in Australia we deliver the right equipment and the flexibility to scale services accordingly for large and small projects.

Our agility and specialist skills, along with our proven project experience allow us to successfully deliver integrated, end-to-end services nationally.

We offer the ability to bring all drilling and blasting activities under one management team, this delivers:

  • Project efficiencies
  • Productivity optimisation
  • Specialist skill sets
  • Tailored explosive solutions
  • Greater control
  • Over-arching project management and partnership
Service What we can offer you
Drill and Blast
Specialised experience and techniques to blast rock close to sensitive infrastructure such as gas pipelines and active rail lines.  We have the right people and equipment to provide end-to-end drilling and blasting services the precise blasting required for civil projects including infrastructure expansion works, rail duplication and infrastructure site preparation.
Drill and Blast
Superior and cost effective production and overburden drilling and blasting services. We provide the equipment. We provide the explosives. We manage the entire process, including provision of large diameter modern drills with the capacity to undertake overburden drilling utilising 75,000lb machines.In Queensland we are the only drilling contractor that blasts in coal.
Mining Drill and Blast We are mining specialists, our team is highly skilled in all aspects of production blasting.  We are the best equipped contractor to offer large diameter drill capacity to deliver cost and productivity advantages.   We have experience in all commodity ground conditions including:

  • Iron ore
  • Gold
  • Lithium
  • Base metals
  • Magnetite
  • Haematite
  • Nickel mining.
Drill Fleet Our modern fleet is one of the largest in Australia and we have the ability to mobilise quickly to meet project requirements of any scale.· We invest in the latest equipment and technology and embrace innovation and automation where we know it delivers value.
Explosives Tailored explosive solutions for a best-for-project service (any hole diameter) that utilises optimum blast design (good fragmentation efficiency), product benefits and cost efficiencies.