A Better Drill and Blast Solution for the Coal Sector

Action Drill & Blast, Isaac Plains coal, Qld.

Warren Fair, GM, Action Drill & Blast

Recent improvements in the coal commodity price has seen an increase in activity in Australia’s coal sector but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue striving to minimise costs and maximise operational efficiencies.

For contractors, today’s market conditions mean always looking for ways to help clients reduce cost and increase productivity. At ADB, we go one better – we want to revolutionise how coal projects contract their drill and blast services, and how this service is measured in terms of performance.

Integrated and independent

We offer something unique to the east coast coal industry – an integrated and an independent contract drill and blast service. We design, we drill and we blast. This combination offers a number of value-adds.

Best-for-project: We aren’t affiliated with any one explosive manufacturer. This leaves us free to select the best product for the job and focus on optimising the blast to use as little product as possible (while ensuring quality and productivity targets are met) to save the client costs. With explosives contributing to 50% to 75% of a drill and blast project costs, big savings can be achieved.

Better pricing options: An integrated service also offers the option of a fixed price per blasted cubic metre rate – a pricing structure which is now operating very successfully at Isaac Plains

Better quality: We believe our quality standards are hard to beat. It’s a commitment to quality that can only be achieved if your drill and blast teams are working to the same KPIs, which are focused on the quality of the work rather than the quantity of drilling hours or explosives used. The latter approach will still break the rock, but it can be broken better, with less resources and less labour.

Our quality service and controls cover the entire drill and blast process:

  • Explosives – using the most suitable explosive for the job and ground conditions means a better blast
  • Blastholes – drilling quality holes that minimise re-drills
  • Technology – applying quality, value-adding technology such as tried and tested advanced detonation systems that get the most energy out of the explosives
  • Blast design – developing a quality blast design from the outset

The end result? An optimum blast that requires the minimum amount of blastholes and explosives.

Better people: Because we offer integrated drill and blast teams, we have multi-skilled personnel. For example we have Fitters that are also experienced Drillers and Drillers that are Shotfirers. Our innovative, team-based approach is very effective in increasing productivity, efficiencies and safety, while reducing costs.

Better safety: The hands-on experience of crew members in different roles means they can be proactive with safety in more areas of the drill and blast operation.

Large, flexible fleet: Through the recent business acquisition we have incorporated the Hughes Drilling fleet of 35 Reichdrills into our existing fleet of Atlas Copco rigs. We have one of the largest and most flexible fleets in the industry offering robust, cost efficient drills through to highly technically capable rigs.

In terms of large diameter drilling, we now have market-leading capability. Our proactive, preventative maintenance systems achieve greater than 90% rig availability.

One team for both, your drilling and blasting – consider it. We believe it gives our clients a competitive edge. We believe it’s the future of the industry.

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